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Hail Damage Assessment

Here's a little info about how adjusters assess hail damage. A "square" is 10 ft x 10 ft.  If a house has 3,000 sq ft of roof area, roof professionals call it 30 squares. To assess hail damage we draw a 10 x 10 ft square on each slope. We call that a test square.  We count the hail hits in that square, then multiply that number, times the squares on that slope.Counting every hit on every slope would be too time consuming.


 In 1989 when I started selling roofs, most insurance companies required 3 hits in a test square to total a roof. It went to 6 around 1995.(After hurricane Andrew in Florida, and the Northridge Earthquake in California.)


Currently,most insurance companies require 8 hits in a test square to total a roof. Allstate requires 10.

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